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Benang Stokel Waterfall

Tourism object that is almost similar to the waterfall Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep is waterfall Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls. Two waterfalls is located in the village of Aik Berik, Batukliang North, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. In addition to a pair of these because of the waterfall is located adjacent to each other, the four aforementioned waterfall at its source Lake Segara Anak of Mount Rinjani.

The difference of the two pairs of this waterfall is the access road to the tourist. In contrast to the access road to the waterfall Sindang Gila and waterfalls Tiu Kelep already paved smooth and reached by public transportation, the access road leading to the Benang Stokel waterfall and the Waterfall Benang Kelambu not too smooth.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall

The street is not very wide, car-carrying vehicle was dominated by the results of the Earth from "Kawasan Hutan Kemasyarakatan" the mean is "The Civic Forest" or call (HKM) around the site of the waterfall. But the scenery along the way is very indulgent eye. The paddy harvest as the giant tapestry ready. The farmers are planting rice Schoolhouse-brewers. Children playing in the yard of the House. Not only that, the cattle like cows and buffaloes freely foraging with convenience.

The location of Benang Stokel waterfall closer from the counters object destinations entrance ticket sales. Just walk about 15 minutes, the tourists are treated to scenic waterfalls that are shaped like stokel (roll of yarn). Benang Kelambu waterfall located above Benang Stokel waterfall, it took about 30 minutes walk along a footpath which is quite wide.

Sights in Benang Kelambu Waterfall more beautiful and mesmerizing. As the name implies, gust waterfalls formed as netting (curtain). Some people believe that the water around the Benang Kelambu Waterfall can cure diseases.

Agricultural land, forests, pine forests, rivers and waterfalls.

Level: Advanced, experienced

Type: Moderate/extreme/full adventure

Water: Many water sources.

Type of tour: Fully organized (a combination of adventure, recreation, eco tourism, security). Individual or group departures available upon request.

Waterfall Benang Stokel in the village of Aik Berik residing in central Lombok is about 27 km east of Mataram, a little less than an hour into the trip. Benang Stokel famous waterfall to find 2 pieces of the waterfall. Waterfall Benang Kelambu and waterfalls Benang Stokel also named from which the climb up Mount Rinjani starts.

The waterfall and the starting point for the line can be reached in about 30 minutes by car. Trekking through the dense forest, climbing up to the edge of the crater takes about 6 hours. From here, the descent into Crater Lake about 3 hours. This ascent offers a lot of variety, with the famous Goddess Anjani waterfall as one of the highlights, and with a little luck it might find a herd of deer.

The climb is especially favored by those seeking a completely different angle of approach to the mount Rinjani. For centuries this route has been used by a Hunter and fishermen seeking their prey in the dense forest and Crater Lake.

The climb is not offering a chance to climb up to the Summit of Mount Rinjani, unless you plan to bring a rubber boat to paddle across to the side of the crater lake Segara Anak. If one wants to do that our team can accommodate one.

Day 1:
The Guide will pick you up in the hotel lobby at 06.00 AM and then transfer it to the Benang Stokel waterfall, meet your guide and set the entrance ticket to the National Park. Your guide provides a briefing explaining the details of routes, local cultural traditions and what you might see, and describes garbage management and safety procedures. Trekking through the dense forest, climbing up to the edge of the crater takes about 8 hours. This ascent offers a lot of variety, with the goddess famous waterfalls Anjani as one of the highlights, and with a little luck it might find a herd of deer. . Lunchbox sandwich is served on the road.

Day 2:
Enjoy a feeling of proud satisfaction and an amazing view of the sunrise in the Wallace line to Mt. Agung, Bali and Sumbawa.

Day 3:
After breakfast, dropped down the path long enough to find the waterfalls Benang Stokel through dense tropical forests which are rich in flora, bird life and different types of butterflies. You may be able to see the orchids and, if lucky, the rare ebony black monkey, known locally as Lutung.

Resting place taken along the way, After a seven-hour hike from the RIM, the journey ended at Jebak Gawah where our vehicles are waiting to transfer you to the waterfalls Benang Stokel.

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