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Komodo National Park
One of Indonesia's most intriguing and stunning islands, Flores is situated in the province of East Nusa Tenggara in the country's southern region.

In terms of geography, Flores is a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Alor archipelago, Barat Daya Islands, and Tanimbar Islands are the principal Lesser Sunda Islands, arranged from west to east.

The island of Flores, long overshadowed by its more well-known neighbor Bali, is now beginning to gain recognition as a distinct travel destination in its own right.

Therefore, after exploring the Komodo dragons' lair, stop and admire some of Flores' natural wonders. You may kayak among rugged cliffs and mangrove shores, swim in pure lakes and waterfalls, dive at one of the 50 amazing diving sites, explore enigmatic caves, and be greeted cordially by the island's inhabitants in their rituals, dances, and everyday lives.

Adventure, diving, eco-tours, mountain climbing, and excursions to traditional villages, prehistoric heritage sites, and cultural events are all summed up by flowers. Explore some of the most unique underwater species on the planet, go diving in Komodo's crystal-clear waters, or go swimming alongside enormous manta rays, dolphins, and dugongs on the island of Flores!

Tanjung Bunga, a subdistrict in East Flores, was mentioned in one of the name Flores' many origin myths. When Portuguese navigator António de Abreu arrived here in the 1500s, he noticed that the island was covered in flowering flowers.

Next, S.M. Cabot arrived and named this location Cabo das Flores, which translates to "the cape of flowers."

The Dutch Indies Governor General, Hendrik Brouwer, confirmed Flores as the Island's official name in 1636.

Nusa Nipa, or the Snake Island, was another name for Flores. Given the island's shape, the fact that snakes live there, and the long-held notion that snakes are the island's ancestors, the name was supposed to reflect these elements.

Visit the Blikon Blewut Museum in Maumere to gain an understanding of the history of the Florinese people.

There are 8 significant ethnic groups in Flores, including the Manggarai, Riung, Ngada, Nage-Keo, Ende, Lio, Sikka and Larantuka.

Additionally, Flores has eight regencies: East Flores, Ngada, Nagekeo, Ende, Sikka, West Manggarai, and Manggarai.

The capital of West Manggarai, Labuan Bajo, serves as the entryway to the many splendors of Flores.

In Manggarai, you may witness the live combat dance known as Caci dance, which is done throughout many traditional rituals. The dance is also widely used as a kind welcome for distinguished visitors.

Visit Rana Tonjong, a large lake in East Manggarai that is adorned with enormous lotus blossoms that bloom from April to June. Don't forget to sunbathe at Laing Lewe if you enjoy the beach! You are welcome to visit and explore Taman Laut 17 Pulau in Ngada. Translating to "The 17 Islands Ocean Park," the name was also chosen to coincide with Indonesia's 17th anniversary. Here, you can explore the underwater world and find unique wildlife on land.

Pulau Pasir Putih Rii Taa, a pure pearly white-pinkish sandy island, is the reason Nagakeo is famous. It is only about an hour's boat journey from the Marapokot harbor in Mbay city.

Ende is home to the well-known Lake Kelimutu, which has three colors. It's a breathtaking natural phenomenon that you have to see for yourself. You can also visit the distinctive Pengganjawa beach while you're in Ende. Its shoreline is dotted with many stones in shades of turquoise, with black sand—a scene you don't see very often!

The capital of Sikka is Maumere. In addition to the museum and beaches, you may visit Tanjung Kajuwulu and Nilo hill to take in the tranquil scenery that appears below you.

The capital of East Flores, Larantuka, is last but most definitely not least. The city is well-known for its Semana Santa Easter event. A joyous procession concluded the Day of Good

Friday, all the way through Larantuka.

Getting there

By Plane

Maumere in the east and Labuan Bajo in the west are Flores' two primary entrances. Every day, a flight from Denpasar takes around 90 minutes to go to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo and about 115 minutes to get to Frans Seda Airport in Maumere.


Traveling by land to Flores necessitates meticulous preparation. You may get from one harbor to the other by public bus. Depending on availability, sea crossings can be made via local ferries and speedboats.

By Sea

It takes about 36 hours to travel by boat from Bali's Benoa harbor to Labuan Bajo. It would be wise to take into account your time, the season, and the most recent schedules for sea cruises at for convenience. In addition, there are boat excursions that travel from Lombok to Flores, maybe making a stop at Komodo before arriving at Labuan Bajo.

Get Around

Rent a car, ride a motorcycle, or use one of the buses or bemo that run in the area to get around.

In Bemo, a minivan used to connect Flores' major cities, passengers sit facing one another. You can try it because bemo is a native experience that is particularly distinctive in Flores. Get ready for loud music, a vibrant exterior, and a catchy moniker that will make passengers remember their ride! Are you eager to leave? Make your travel arrangements immediately!

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